Manicure services at Divine Design consist of filing and shaping the nail’s free edge removing hardened cuticles, lower hand soak and massage of the hand and fingers to promote healthy glowing skin texture before application of desired polish.
45-60 minutes- £37.00


Overlay is a form of nail enhancement preferred by clients who have beautiful nails and want to maintain them without causing chipping or breakage. This process is usually achieved with Structure Gel. This product is made of a premixed polymer and monomer gel which is non-yellowing and crystal in colour.

In cases of overlay- the product is placed directly onto the nail bed after nail preparation which is essential for maximum nail health. Similar to acrylic nail enhancements, gel services must be refilled every two to three weeks for optimum results. This service can follow a manicure as above or may be a standalone service.
60 minutes £37.00

Parrafin Wax Manicure

Paraffin wax can be used to compliment manicure services, extending such to a more luxurious and beneficial therapy to the cuticles and nails. This addition is especially relieving to chronic muscle strain and arthritis. The wax is heated to temperatures of over 95F (35C) without burning or causing or any injuries to the skin. The intense heat allows for deeper absorption of emollients and essential oils. The wax is usually infused with various botanical ingredients such Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Tea Tree Oil and Azulene. Fruit waxes, fragranced with essence of Peach, Apple and Strawberry are also available. 60-75 minutes- Add £10 to manicure service

For all enquires & appointments including Late Evenings & Weekends- Please ring 07792300389.

Hot Oil Manicure

A Hot Oil manicure is a specific type of manicure that nourishes the cuticles and softens them with oil. It works well for dry skin and nails that are brittle as it improves them both by leaving them soft and pliable. Types of oil that can be used are Mineral Oil or Olive Oil primarily due to their extremely small molecule.
60-75 minutes- Add £10 to manicure service

Nail Sculpture (Acrylic)

Sculpting forms are fitted to the natural nail which is then used as a platform to sculpt the artificial nail. This is further moulded to achieve acrylic formation prior to the form being removed then carefully shaped and buffed to a shine.
95 minutes- £40.00

Nail Extension (Acrylic or Gel) 

Nail extensions are artificial structures derived from a mixture of polymer powder and a liquid monomer which are applied to the natural nails using state of the art techniques and products, to create nails that look fabulous. Acrylic nail enhancements can be finished to achieve a natural or dramatic yet delicate effect depending on the client’s requirements.

By performing a thorough consultation to assess each client’s lifestyle and suitability depending on daily activities, an informal decision will be agreed between myself and all clients supporting the most appropriate service as per individual nail plate shape among other relevant factors.

The consultation will also recommend home care products and procedures which should be maintained regarding rebooking appointments and following any written or verbal after-service advice contributing to safe and elegant long-term wearability.

From £40.00

Swarovski Crystals On Toes


It’s a Diamond Affair £45.00
(SS7) Crystals applied to Big Toes and (SS5) Crystals applied to all other Toes to create a sophisticated foot appeal.
Ultimate Swag £40.00
(SS5) Crystals applied to all 10 Toe Nails to create the Pedicure of jealousy from friends
Platinum Platform £35.00
(SS7) Crystals applied to all 10 nails to create a posh glamorous look.

Crystal Bedazzle £30.00
(SS9) Crystals applied to big toes and (SS7) Crystal on the littler toes to give you the luxury of Swarovski at an affordable price
Swarovski Holiday Specials (Over Gel Polish charged separately)
Big Toes SS5-9 £10.00

REBALANCING of Nail enhancements


This process is primarily the realignment of the nail’s integrity- While some clients nail will require this service within 5-7 days of initial service(depending on hormones, medication etc) most clients will maintain their enhancement’s wear ability for the usual 14 days recommended period at which time the structure of their nails will be in need of a re balance, to essentially reposition the apex, create a new smile line (if wearing French designs) and to replace product at the re growth/cuticle area. This is also an opportunity to repair any service breakdown that may have occurred.

Through continued education and best working practices, here at Divine Design, we will not only offer our clients nail infill’s which only addresses the re growth area- we will assess the entire nail and complete a non compromised re balance package.

• Gel Polish Toe and Designs

Foot Care services
• Aesthetic Foot Care

Nails By Suroya
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Nail Enhancement Services & Prices


Service Price
Acrylic Full Set £40.00
Acrylic Re-balance £37.00
Acrylic Sculptor Full Set £40.00
UV Gel Full Set £40.00
UV Gel Overlay £37.00
Gel Re-balance £37.00
Silk Wrap Full set £45.00
Sculptured Nails – Pink & White £45.00
Authentic Swarovski Crystals (Per Feature Finger) £5.00
Nail repairs within 3 days will be without cost, but after 3 days will be… £5.00
2 weekly Nail Rebalancing £30.00
3 Weekly Nail Rebalancing £37.00
Gel Polish Toes and Design £40.00