Waxing/ Hair Removal
Waxing is a safe and effective semi-permanent method of hair removal using heated wax to remove unwanted facial and body hair from its follicle.
There are mainly two types of wax – Warm and Hot-
Warm wax is removed with strips and is generally used on legs, arms and men’s chest and back. Hot wax is a thicker substance that is built up on the skin and then removed when set: there are no strips involved. Hot wax is best suited for all bikinis, underarm and facial waxing.
Divine Design uses a variety superior Wax brands including Berodin and Epiloderm-both of which are French Depilatory Waxes as well as other wax brands locally made here in the UK and some from the USA.
Warmed at low heat, wax is applied just above skin temperature making the process a gentle yet effective one. Our Wax texture is less brittle and less sticky than traditional waxes therefore facilitating a pleasant and professional waxing experience.